Constellation Peacock (Pavo - Pav)

The name, the story, the myth

The peacock constellation was introduced in 1603 by Johann Bayer, after being studied by Keyser and established by Plancius between 1596-1598.
There exists in Greek mythology, a singular association to which the European navigators of the Australian seas might have referred: Argos, besides being the mythological figure linked to the Peacock, of which we will speak, is also the name of the builder of the homonymous nava used by Jason to perform the Golden Fleece. The antecedent of the myth of Argos is an illicit love, as often happens in Greek mythology, of Zeus. After loving IO, the father of the gods, he mutates the girl into a white heifer, in order to save her from the vengeance of Hera (Juno), his wife. His wife suspected it, however: she asked Zeus for the beast as a gift, and he could not refuse her. I was then entrusted to the care of Argos, a hundred-eyed monster called Panopte, the "all-seeing". To save her, Zeus turned to Hermes (Mercury), who put Argos to sleep with the sound of his lyre, and as soon as the last of his hundred eyes closed and the guardian slipped into sleep, he beheaded him. She was regretting then revives Argo in a peacock, and places his eyes in her tail.


The constellation Peacock can be reached starting from Sagittarius and Scorpio and moving south through the constellation Telescope. Another way is to start from alpha Centauri, draw a line upwards to Trianguli Australis and continue to alpha Pavonis, in an area really poor of stars.
At our latitudes, the Peacock is completely invisible. For the southern hemisphere, it passes in the meridian during the summer season.

The celestial bodies

The Peacock's alpha star is known as Peacock, which means Peacock. It's a blue star. Other stars have no relevant aspects.
Among the non-stellar bodies, there is a spiral galaxy, NGC 6744 and a globular cluster, NGC 6752.

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